Friday, December 12, 2014

Just an Author

I have spent all morning writing,but have been very unproductive. Now let me explain, my goal is  to write from eight to one every day. So, this morning, I wrote a few paragraphs, I let the dogs out, put some clothes in the washer, and helped straighten the house. I put on coffee and headed back to my computer. I edited what I had written, straightened the kitchen and put some dinner on.I went back to my computer and wrote two more paragraphs then I fixed lunch for Marty and Myself. I watched a Video as I ate, not to mention that every twenty minutes a dog needs to go outside or one needs to come in, my grandson has a question for me or there is something Cari and I need to discuss..Then realized that I still have two web sites to get done for clients, two web sites that I am setting up for myself and two books that I need to be working on.So here I sit, no ideas for today's blog post. I am still in my pajamas and it is nearing three thirty. I have not accomplished one thing today, yet I have worked all day.I have my book open on my desk top, I have my web site open on my desk top and I have my Blog open....I really need to get my social media buttons up today....I have no clue what I will have accomplished when I shut my computer down for the night. Let's just hope that I can manage just one thing.

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