Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What Now?

We have grown to expect things like this over the holidays, even though I know there is going to be random activity it still catches me off guard.
Marty got up from his computer and went to let our Pitbull, Lacie out the back door. Lacie doesn't get along with the other dogs, so he first opened the back door to look out and make sure no other dog was in the back yard. He leaned out on one leg to look the other leg bent at a forty five-degree angle, our little Bella took this opportunity to nuzzle and sniff the bottom of his bedroom slipper. He thought she was going to remove it from his foot, so he put his foot down and turned to correct her, there was nothing there. He looked up and down the hall; there was nothing there at all. He went ahead and let Lacie out, then he came into the dining room to tell me what happened. I could tell by the look on his face that it had shocked him to have this happen and find nothing there. We wondered if I could be the little black dog that we have all caught glimpses of. I guess we will never know.

Marty, Cari and I were watching TV in the sun-room last night. Marty nudged me and gestured toward our Boston Terrier, Levi.Levi was sitting on the couch, but he was watching something, as if a moth were fluttering about the room.He would watch something moving all about the room, then he would stop, A few moments later he would alert to it again.Marty and I could never see anything he was watching but our dog Amy watched it a few times too, however she would soon loose interest and fall back asleep.

But the thing that bothered me the most was when he was sitting at his computer.He had just returned from making himself some lunch. We were both busy on our desk-tops, when he said,
"wow, do you feel that"?
He then held out his arm to show all of the hair standing on end.He said it had suddenly got cold where he was sitting. Naturally I grabbed my camera hoping to catch something on film.As I snapped random photos I could feel the cold coming across my legs and feet. I know that Orbs are controversial but this is what I captured just at the time these strange occurrences were taking place. Coincidence?

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