Sunday, July 12, 2015

Some cool uses for Mayonnaise

I came across some of these by accident, but it peaked my interest, so I thought some of you may be interested too.

Now most of us have a jar of mayonnaise in the house at any given time. It's great for sandwiches and tons of recipes. But did you know there are actually many uses for it? I didn't. The only thing I came up with, which at the time, I thought was pure genius, is turning the jar upside down. If you keep it upside down, it's easier to get out, and you actually use all of it. Well, let's see what others are doing with this Southern staple.

1. Mayonnaise can be used to remove gum from hair. Take a bit of mayonnaise and massage it into the gum, then pull the gun down the strand of hair.

2. Before a manicure, dip fingers into a bowl of mayonnaise to soften nails and cuticles.

3.rub mayonnaise onto your finger to remove a tight ring.

4. Wipe mayonnaise onto piano keys, wait a few minutes and wipe off, the piano keys will look like new.

5. Use mayonnaise to remove crayon marks on the wall. Rub mayonnaise onto crayon marks on the wall, wait a few minutes and wipe off.

6. Massage into your hair then rinse it out for a great conditioner.

7. Bring the shine back to house plants by applying a small amount to large leafs and rubbing in with a napkin.

8. Cover a sticker or tag with a small amount of mayonnaise, wait a few minutes and wipe off.

9. Buff away fingerprints from stainless still with a dry cloth and a small amount of Mayonnaise.

10. Place a dab of mayonnaise on a dry cloth and work into a noisy hinge.

11. Mayonnaise can be used to ease the pain of sunburn.

Wow! Who knew?

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