Monday, February 3, 2014

Meet and Great

Well we had out Cryptid Crew meet and great this past Saturday. This thing had been planned for about two months. We had done tons of advertising for it. So we expected a pretty good turn out.That morning we found out That Chris had class from nine till eleven. Our meeting is supposed to start at twelve noon. This will be tricky, but we can do it.
We make it to the Seneca Library with just minutes to spare. Marty, Cari and I come through the doors hauling tons of equipment. We approach the counter, and Cari tells them who we are. They then tell us, that we do not have the meeting room booked for that day. I could not believe my ears! This was reserved two moths ago. And confirmed last week! After much back and forth with them. We get it worked out, and we sign the paperwork. And they let us have the room.Then i hear a slight voice saying, "excuse me". I turn to  see a woman with the pretties smile.She asked, "Are you with the Cryptid Crew? I tell her yes. And she gets all excited. She explains how they told her at the desk, that we wouldn't be there today.I apologize to her and tell her we will begin as soon as we can get set up.She asks how long we will be there. I tell her until 3 pm. And we head on over to the meeting room. As we are about finished setting up. One of our members comes in.She tells us, that they told her at the front desk that we weren't there! How and why would they do that!?Then we found out that they were telling people that we wouldn't start until 3 pm. This was a disaster! So instead of beginning at 12 noon. We held off a bit to give others time to show up.And we did get a few more in.
The whole thing went very smoothly. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. And it was generally a good time. But now, we have to plan another meet and great for the ones that got turned away.I'm not real crazy about that idea. But i do feel bad for anyone that had planned to join us and couldn't. But we all learned a valuable lesson. NEVER trust Seneca Library with anything important!!


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