Saturday, April 5, 2014

Toilet Tissue Debate

OK, some of you ladies may actually kill me once you read this post. But I assure you, it's informative.
We all know about the age old dispute about which way the toilet paper roll should be turned. The majority of people say, it should come from over the top. While a few of you claim it should come from the bottom.Well, in actuality, it should come from the bottom. I know! I Know!. I was always a "top" person myself. BUT, It has been proven, that if your toilet paper comes from the bottom, you use less tissue.I know. I thought that to be impossible. But, I tried it. And it did work. We actually use half of what we were using.I can't swear that this will work for every house hold. But I do know that it worked for us.So you "over the top" people,take a deep breath. And turn that roll around. You may just be surprised.


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