Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Changes

Well,I have decided to make some changes. Since my first book is doing pretty good. I have another book I am currently working on and I still have my clients. My first love is writing, so I am finally doing what I love. Graphics are going to have to take a back seat. I plan to still do my word press and blogger sets and offer my set up packages but that is all i will be doing. My set up packages are going to be greatly reduced as I want to make this affordable for people that need / want a web site but aren't quite sure where to start.
I will still be doing my product reviews and my rants . LOL. That part wont change. But Southern Moon Creations will be under construction for a while. I hope you will continue to hang with me as I work through these changes. Pretty soon I will be looking for people to read my new book and give feed back so watch for that post!
Thank you for hanging with me. And remember, someone loves you! Me. xoxo


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