Monday, July 14, 2014

Breast Cancer Donations

Do you get phone calls from the Breast Cancer Society wanting you to donate money? Well I do, and it makes me so dang mad i could spit nails! OK, let me explain to you why I get so freaked out over these phone calls. I know they need our donations to help women, right? I use to think that too,until I needed help....

A couple of years ago I went in for my mammogram, well they sent me to a uncaring butcher of a doctor for a biopsy.(As long as I live, I will never ever do that again.) Mine was so high up, it was almost to my collar bone. The Dr couldn't deaden it enough. I had to make them stop as i thought I would pass out from the pain! So from there I was to have a surgical biopsy. Well I couldn't afford it and no one at all would help me. The breast cancer society gave me the run around and pretty much brushed me off. I still need this surgery, but me with no insurance and a Breast Cancer Society unwilling to help me, I guess it just isn't going to happen.
Now for the phone calls.The first time my phone rang from the Breast Cancer Society, I thought maybe they were calling with some help for me, NOT.They gave me this long spill about donating money. When I could finally get a word in, I asked why they couldn't help me and I got hung up on. Yep. They just hung up on me.
So the next time they called my DIL asked them they same question as to why they couldn't help and they hung up on her too.So just where is peoples donations going? It really makes me see things differently now....

While I'm ranting on the breast cancer topic, let me just go ahead and tel you about another matter that makes me want to spit nails.If you have been on face book then I'm sure at some point you have received the private email that tells you to post what color bra you are wearing, it's supposed to help breast cancer awareness. Well let me just say, Breast Cancer is not Gender based! It is NOT a female disease. Want to know how I know this? Ten years ago my husband had a lump under his right nipple. We went to our family doctor who explained to us that men get breast cancer.We were sent to a specialist who set up surgery to remove the mass.I was so scared that everyday he would leave for work I would sit and cry. I kept a brave face in front of him, but i was a basket case inside.Fortunately for us, his mass was benign.But some men, just like women, are not so lucky. So please, please do not participate in these face book games that tell you to keep it a secret and make the men wonder.It could be your husband next. But I will pray every night that it isn't.

OK, I am finished ranting. Thank you for reading.
Until next time. Someone loves you. I do! xoxo


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