Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Paranormal Life. A True Haunting

This book is a detailed description of the three year nightmare that my family and I endured.It's about the paranormal team, that stood beside us, and fought with us.This book, was originally my personal Blog. It was never intended to be shared or made public.It was my private journal of the terror we were living. Brandon Hudgens, came to me one day, and he talked to me about using my personal blog to reach out and help others,people that may not see the signs.That is how this book came to be.It is the TRUE day to day life of my family and I living with a very dark entity.Have you heard of shadow people? We have lived with them, and much more.Maybe your home is beginning to show signs.Find out just what those sign are,before it's to late. http://www.amazon.com/My-Paranormal-Life-True-Haunting-ebook/dp/B00HVE1VF6

We all know that evil is conceptual, but what happens when evil becomes a reality? When evil decides to reveal itself and the shadows rise in your life to threaten everything, you hold most dear. Few have seen such evil, fewer have dared to face it head on, even when every fiber of your being tells you to run and not look back. What then happens, when it is your family and your home that evil begins to threaten? When you are unable to run, because it's your family at stake and it's your life that has been invaded, and when your very existence may hang in the balance. This is the story of a family, a family of common everyday people who had to face that challenge and have had to fight this foe. They know that at any time the darkness may overtake them, for they know only too well, the price of failure. Yes you can run or you can face the darkness…but know this, once you have met that darkness, you will never be the same again. This story for a long time has been known only to them and to the people who have been called upon to help them. Now their story can be told…for they have met the challenge and they have faced the shadows…they have known the darkness and looked into the face of evil…and it, is real..... 

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