Monday, March 16, 2015

Kirby Vacuum company

It has literally taken me days to calm down so I could write this post. As you all know, I won't write a post about any company if I'm upset as it's just not fair to them or me. And this Kirby company has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Allow me to start at the beginning. This past Saturday morning. Please note that I said Saturday. Saturday is when most people make plans to go out and do things.
Saturday morning I notice and old beat up looking van with no company stickers on it what so ever pulls into my parents driveway. My family and my parents share a driveway, so It's easy for me to keep an eye on whom drives up. My parents are both elderly, so I try to keep an eye on them. I notice a man and a young woman get out of this van and walk up to my parents door. I watch as my mom steps out to talk with these strangers.Then to my shock, they enter my parents home. I immediately call next door, my Dad answers the phone and I ask him if everything is OK, He says, "No, I can't get these people to leave." I hang up the phone and am headed out there in a flash. Just as I get half way across the yard, the man is already in the van and leaving. The girl is still in my parents house. What is going on?

I enter my parents front door to see my mother and father sitting on the couch and the young girl is in the floor trying to unpack vacuum fittings, I say to her, "Don't unpack that,you're not staying"
I then look at my dad and say, "Don't you have somewhere to be?" My dad says yes, "And we told them this" I look back at the girl. She says to me.
" I am so very sorry. They did tell my boss that they didn't have time for this."
I ask her just where her boss went? She tells me that he had taken another girl to another house. I tell her that she is going to have to leave because my parents were headed to the hospital to see about my father's brother that was currently in intensive care. She gets out her cell phone and calls her boss and leaves a message that he needs to come get here. We wait a while for him to arrive, and he doesn't three phone calls and two hours later this girl is still in my parents home! During this wait, I find out that this girl is pregnant on top of everything else! Finally, we have to move this girl and all of these stupid vacuum cleaner boxes out to the porch so my parents can leave. This is when my Dad tells me that he and mom were insisting that they weren't interested and this man said he wanted to see my fathers dog and entered the house anyway! I was fit to be tied. This so called boss man pulls back into the driveway. By this time I have alerted my family next door, and my friends from Virginia that were down visiting us. We were ALL in the yard waiting for this idiot boss to drive back up. He stepped out of his van and was met with four irate women! We told him exactly what we thought about what had just happened.He thought he would run his mouth to us, But no, we were four very angry southern women. He got blatantly told off. And we were still telling him off when my mother stepped up and told him that he better just get in his van and leave.

Now here are the reasons I am so upset with this company.
 1. They forced their way into my parents home.
2. They didn't leave when asked.
3. A pregnant girl is carrying around boxes to heavy for a grown man.
4. This "Boss" endangered his employee by leaving her in a strange home with no way to reach him.
5. And this "Boss" told us that our local police department were aware of what they were doing.
That was a bold faced lie as we called to verify this.

Please, do not let these people into you home. Tell anyone you know what this company is doing. Share this post so others can be aware.

US & Canada:1-800-494-8586 or for Supplies: 1-800-437-7170

959 Mauldin Road, Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 299-0707

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