Sunday, March 22, 2015

Telling the truth and moving on

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For the past week, so many of you have messaged me asking what is going on. I'm going to explain it all here.It has become a difficult task explaining this a few times each day. And it is something I would like to put behind me and move on. for all of this to make sense, please bear with me as I take you back to the beginning...

As some of you know, my family and I were having some Paranormal activity in our home. When it started to affect our Grandson, we knew it was time to call in a team of professionals. My Daughter in Law, Cari, and I started an online search for a local paranormal team. This was something we had never done before, so we had no clue whom would be best for the job. We found a local team. I contacted them via email and they set up a time to meet with us. A few days later three gentlemen showed up at our home. (I will not disclose and names here, as I do not have permission to do so.) Mr. One, Mr. two and Mr. three. We noticed right away that Mr. Three seemed bored and uncaring during the interview. This made me very uncomfortable, but we agreed to an investigation. During this investigation, the bored Mr. Three was attacked spiritually that night. To make a long story short. It changed things for him.We ended up having two investigations from this team. After the second investigation, my family and I joined this team. We wanted to help others that were going through what we had been through. Joining a paranormal team had never crossed our minds, but we thought with our experiences that we could possibly help others. I'm thinking it was about two weeks after we joined that I got a phone call from Mr. Two. He told me that he was quitting the team. Well being that we had just joined and I really didn't want to be involved in a big mess, I decided that we would quit the team as well. When I stated this, Mr. Two told me that he was actually starting a new team with Mr one as they didn't like the way Mr. Three was handling things. (This should have been my red flag.) He said he would like me and my family to stay with them on this new team. We agreed and being that Cari and myself are web Designers by trade we were a great asset to the team.Cari excels in branding and social media where my abilities are in web and graphic design so it didn't take the two of us long to get this new team off the ground and running.Cari myself and my husband were given positions on the board. Cari and I worked daily on getting this team's name out there. And it turned out to be pretty successful rather quickly.In the meantime, the people from the original team are left wondering what just happened. A lot of people got hurt when Mr one and Mr two decided to up and do this out of the blue. I didn't know any of these people, so I assumed this had been a long time coming. I learned later that it wasn't. They dropped these people out of their team and their lives with no further explanation. I never felt right about this. But I was told that these people were holding them back from what they hoped to achieve.
A couple of years went by and the team grew into another branch in the lower part of the state. Well tried to grow would be more honest. That hasn't actually worked out yet.Then the team grew into a Cryptid team as well. My family and I were given control over this part of the team and The Carolina Cryptid Crew was born. This Cryptid team began to thrive as well. A lot of our members chose to be on both teams and that was fine with us.Both teams were doing well.

Mr One and Mr two decided it was time for a board meeting. As it turned out, our schedules kept conflicting and getting together was becoming difficult.So last week I received an email kicking myself and my family from the team that we had worked so hard to build. (Just like the people in the past that were kicked.) We were told to take CCC and move on. This was completely out of the blue.
Mr one and Mr Two decided that they were going to make the other members choose one team or the other, they could no longer be on both teams. What? That sounded ridiculous! Cari and I both asked them to please not do this to the other members. But ultimately, it was their decision.Now, Mr one and Mr Two are claiming that this was a mutual decision. I can tell you honestly, that it wasn't. This was their decision, and their decision only. Carolina Cryptid Crew will never make any of it's members choose one team only. We are adults that understand that people have more than one interest.And that once you join a team of people they become your extended family, as they should. But apparently for Mr. One and Mr. Two people have no feelings and are expendable. That in itself is very sad.

Looking back now, a Lot of this makes perfect sense. When Mr Two does not like something, he just drops people from his life and moves on. This is twice he has done this, so I am sure he will do it again in time. No one's position within his team is secure. It never has been and it never will be, that's just the way he operates.

It has been almost a week since all of this has happened, and my heart is still completely broken. I let these men into my home and my life completely. I would have trusted them with my grandkids. Never in a million years would I have thought they would lie. But they have. When they contacted the members of the team stating that this was all a mutual agreement they knew it wasn't true. They knew they had kicked us off the team, and they knew we asked them to please not make people choose. I should have know that anything built on lies and deceit would never grow. Now looking back. I see that perfectly. I have since gone back to the original people that were hurt in all this mess and offered my apologies.As I now stand where they once stood. And it hurts to the very core. Mr one and Mr two had become very close to my family, as far as eating dinner with us one a few occasions that we cooked for them and invited them,.Over the past few years, we were in contact with them on a weekly basis. I guess some people can  just walk away from friends, hurt them and feel no remorse. I however, can not. I think about how my actions will make others feel. As in writing this blog post. I am sure it will upset Mr One and Mr Two. It is not written to upset them, it is written because the truth needs to be told.They know the truth as well as we do. And they know that I can prove the truth if asked.

This has been a very hard week for me. I have been on an emotional roller-coaster. I am hurt, I am angry, I am sad, I am relieved, I am happy.I feel used and betrayed and I only have myself to blame for letting deceitful people into my life...sigh.

Now to answer your questions.
Yes. The Carolina Cryptid Crew will continue right along as it is. We have a lot of exciting and fun things planned this year!

NO. We have no intention of giving up our paranormal interests or our outreach to help others.

And finally, YES. I can verify that everything I have stated in this blog post is true. I have no problem handing over anything that you would like to see. All you have to do is email me privately at

*Note. I understand that by reading this you have only received my side of the story. My main point  was to let people know that we did not walk away from our team. We did not abandon our team. We were kicked off a team that we were currently working to help build. Right up to the very day we were kicked off.

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