Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Designer News

I have lots of great stuff going on, on my design blog!I have been designing some new Blog and Media sets, some free and some for a small fee. I am really excited about the new book covers I have now. With my first book, having to design my own cover kind of threw me a learning curve. But with being a designer, I picked it up pretty easily. So now, I can offer book covers that work on Createspace and Amazon. I am offering these covers free for first time Indie Authors. Meaning, if this is the first time you have published a book, you can snag yourself a free book cover from my site. I love being able to do this. If you know and Indie Author, send them on over to the site. If I don't have what they are looking for I will be happy to create what they need.

Until next time, xxx

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