Friday, January 1, 2016

Some amazing uses for Mayonnaise.

Now most of us have Mayonnaise in our refrigerator, where it is used for sandwiches and cooking. I  told you a few months back about the little tip I discovered about turning your jar upside down, Yes. Keep your mayonnaise jar upside down and all of the mayonnaise stays at the lid. No more mayonnaise knuckles! Well, today I found some cool ideas I would like to share with you.

Remove Tree Sap, Coat the sap with mayonnaise, let it set for a few minutes, then wipe away with a clean rag.

Remove a ring from a swollen knuckle. Coat the ring with mayonnaise then gently slip off the finger.

Remove crayon marks from walls. If you have washable paint, coat the crayon marks with mayonnaise, in a couple of minutes wipe both mayo and crayon off with a damp cloth.

Remove dust from house plants. Dab a small amount of mayo on a paper towel and gently wipe the leaves of the plant. They will be dust free and have a beautiful shine.

Use mayo to wipe away fingerprints from stainless steel.

Place a dab of mayonnaise on a cloth and rub it into a squeaky hinge. Move door back and forth a few times. Squeak is gone.

Use mayonnaise to remove water rings from wooden furniture. Apply a small amount of mayo and rub in well with a clean cloth. Let set a minute then polish away the water stain.

Use mayonnaise to remove price tags from glassware. Wipe a small amount over the price tag, let set for a minute. It will loosen the tag and you can then peel it clean off.

When cleaning up wet paint splatters, use a drop of mayo to make the job easier. It will help loosen up the paint and clean-up will be a breeze.

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