Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I don't have anything to review today. But I do have a few things i can catch up on. Our Cryptid Crew team had a benefit to do this past Saturday. We were there to surprise a big foot enthusiast. And that was basically all we knew. So we got her a T shirt made, and threw together a huge goodie bag for her.She did seem really surprised when she found out whom we were and why we were there. The look on her face was priceless! Everyone was really nice to us. We all had a good time.(The whole time we were that, i was worried about my swollen foot. I knew it could only be making it worse.As i had to stand on it well over four hours. And I figured I wouldn't be able to walk at all on Sunday. I was right. It was much worse on Sunday. But this morning, it seems to be showing some signs of improving. I just wish i knew what was causing it.The last time i went to the Dr. they gave me Lasik for it. It didn't work. I even tried doubling the dose and taking two a day. That didn't make any difference either. So basically, there is nothing i can do but suffer through it.

xoxo till next time


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