Sunday, March 16, 2014

ER Visit

Some of you know that I have been having some health Issues. And some of you know about my"eating Ice" addiction. Well i actually found out last week that the two go hand in hand. Here is what happened..............

I'm going to start you at the very beginning. Around the first of last year. I started getting this terrible craving. I wanted to eat crushed ice. And I wanted it all the time. If I left home, i took a big cup with me. If i ran out while i wasn't home.My husband would get me some from  fast food place.August of last year I had to do my annual blood work. Well It came back that i was anemic.No big deal, right? The Dr was going to set me up for a colonoscopy. But they never did. And I eventually forgot all about it.It was very gradual so it was hard for me to notice. But i became weaker and sicker over the next few months. I started feeling like I just could not stay awake. I would fall asleep in the car. I would fall asleep in front of my computer.It got so bad that i would fall asleep in mid sentence talking to Marty or the kids. Finally I went to the ER. The Dr ran no tests at all. Pinched my shoulder hard enough for it to hurt for the next to weeks. Told me nothing was wrong, and sent me home.I continued to get sicker. Then my right foot started to swell for no reason. I thought nothing of it, as the swelling always went down by the next day.Eventually, the swelling stopped going down at all.It got to be pretty painful as the swelling took over the lower half of my leg. With Marty insisting, two weeks ago, I went to the Dr. I went to Urgent care first. But the place was so packed. We left and went on to the Emergency Room. After I checked in, they called me back Immediately.I was amazed at how fast they got me back there. The Dr was very concerned with the swelling and ordered a whole Battery of tests. I had blood work, chest x-ray, foot and leg x-ray.and EKG. When the Dr returned. He actually said that he was amazed that i was still sitting up.My blood work showed that I only had 1/4 of the blood i was supposed to.And the EKG showed minor heart damage with elevated heart enzymes.(The Dr asked me if I craved ice. I told him yes i did. In large quantities. He explained that the ice was constricting my blood vessels,making it easier on my heart to pump the blood. Meaning eating the ice kept me from having a full blown heart attack. WOW) Bottom line was. I needed a full blood transfusion.I was in shock. I never would have dreamed it was that serious. I signed myself out of the hospital, as the Dr wanted me to stay. I returned the next morning for my blood transfusion. The procedure wasn't that bad. It just took all day due to the fact that they had to give me so much. I am feeling much better since then. But we still don't know where i am loosing the blood from. And it will be April 8th before i can get in to see my own Dr.
Just this morning. I was talking to Marty, and fell asleep mid sentence. Now that has me a bit concerned.


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