Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Paranormal life.

I have had many of you ask, so I think I will do it. You have asked for an unedited copy of my book, My Paranormal Life, A True Haunting.I have had to do a lot of soul searching to decide to do this. I also had to talk with the family, as this is their lives too.I'm going to give you what you've asked for. I have begun to work on this, and it's hard to do. I knew it would be difficult for me, as you have to live it again through writing.But I didn't think it was going to be this hard. But this time, with the unedited version I am having to add the things I wanted to just forget about. The bad things, the painful things, the private things.

Now, to answer the biggest question of all.Is your house and family OK now?
We were, for a long time, we led very normal lives. But now, we are seeing all of the signs once again.
We keep telling ourselves it's nothing. But, I have been down this road before. Once it starts, it grows, like a weed but this weed feeds off of your emotions, despair, anger and grief. If we find a way to not feed it, will it die again, only to lie dormant until something else shakes it from it's evil sleep? Will we ever be truly free? So many questions with no answers.

Until next time, there is someone that loves you and thinks you're special. I do!

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