Sunday, August 10, 2014

Purchasing Tablets

Lately I think I have become somewhat of an expert on purchasing 7" tablets. I think I have purchased three if not four in the past five months. I know! That is a lot. But for some reason, the universe does not think my son should own one, so it's going to find some crazy way to help him destroy it. Like the first one, the car door slammed on it. Yea, I wondered the same thing. Where did he leave it laying? Well actually, it was in his hand. It seems the car was parked on an incline, he got his tablet, stepped back out of the car and the door swings shut mashing the tablet. OK Now I see how that could happen, I guess, so I order myself a new one and give him my older one and continue to do this for he next three or four tablets. Finally, I'm shopping on Amazon one day and I come across this tablet, it has all the bells and whistles, the latest apps, and is a great value, so I buy it. That was a BIG mistake. There was just one thing they failed to mention in their advertisement. It would not connect to the internet! Ok, that is exaggerating just a bit. It would connect. But count three seconds and you have lost your connection.I contacted the company. They basically tell me to reset it to factory preset. Which meant dump all my stuff. OK. Not happy. But i did it. And guess what. Now I have a tablet that wont connect and all of my cool stuff has been deleted. I am really not happy by now. I contact the company again. They wont refund my money but the will send another tablet after I pay to ship this one back to them. What? I get another crappy product and i get stuck with shipping costs? No thank you! Now I contact Amazon. They are a bit more understanding, but it will be three weeks for my transaction to go through and possibly four weeks before the funds are back in my account. Forget it!! I put the tablet in a box, put it in the drawer, and guess what happens if my son kills his again...Yep. He gets this shiny new tablet from my bottom drawer (Evil Grin). My new tablet should be here some time tomorrow. So here is your tip... Stay away from NeuTab!


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