Monday, September 1, 2014

FREE Kindle Books

I have just gone over to Amazon and downloaded my FREE books for the day. Even though I get the list in my email, I can't allow myself to go look every day. I end up downloading way to many good books and my tablet just runs slower and slower LOL.
Are you downloading your FREE books? You do not have to have a Kindle reader in order to download Kindle books.You just download the Kindle App from Amazon to your phone, tablet or computer. I have it on all three. I love the way I can read part of a book on my phone while I am out somewhere, then when I get home and want to sit out in my yard I can grab my tablet and go right to the page I left off. I'm hooked! Oh goodness, I almost forget,lets get you hooked too. The first thing is to go Amazon on your device and log into your Amazon account. Now search Kindle App, then download it. Easy!! Now if you made a wrong turn and got lost, no worries! Just pop over here
Now here is your link to go sign up for all those FREE Kindle books that your going to be downloading!

I hope you enjoy your Kindle as much as I do! Happy Reading!

Until next time, Please, know that you are very special and you are very much loved! XOXO

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