Monday, June 8, 2015

Straight Talk

I haven't done this in a while, and it was really nice not to have the need to. But here goes, I am going to rant.

I recently ordered a Straight Talk Galaxy Centura phone. Well, the phone has issues. Really bad issues. It would freeze if I tried to take a picture, resulting in having to shut it down and restart it. The same thing if I tried to open an app. UGH! I took it on a trip with me this past Friday and it was useless. So naturally I called the straight talk company Saturday.  Of course I forgot that I had taken Lasix and hour before I called them, so you ladies can imagine how uncomfortable this call was!

First, I tried their online chat. When I told "Rowena", their helpful chat person, what my phone was doing. She promptly threw up a well-written document telling me to call the company. It seems as if "Rowena" had no customer skills or was too busy to want to help me. It didn't matter that I had waited twenty minutes to get Miss Rowena on the Chat line. So I called the company's eight hundred number. I am greeted with a guy that has such a strong accent I can barely understand him. I have to get him to keep repeating himself as I truly can't understand what he is saying. I felt bad about this in the beginning. He walks me through the steps of shutting my phone down and restarting it like that will fix the problem. I told him I had done this on numerous occasions. But yet, I did it again. He then put me on hold for twenty minutes. I am assuming he is reading some kind of help manual. He gets back on the phone and walks me through removing the battery from my phone. I tell him I have done this numerous times, but we do it anyway. He again puts me on hold for about twenty minutes. (Back to the manual!) He comes back and asks me what color my battery is.( Back to the manual!) Then he has me put my phone back together and asks me what it's doing. I look at the phone in my hand. It doesn't appear to be doing anything, so I tell him. He then asks me to hold the line. I wait about ten minutes this time and he gets back on the line and asks me if my phone is "better". Well no, we haven't done anything to fix it. (Back to the manual!) He  comes back and asks me what my phone is doing. I tell him it is freezing. He doesn't understand. I tell him it locks down. He once again asks me to hold. He gets back on the phone and asks me to shut my phone down again. We do this again. Then he asks me to remove the battery and tell him what color it is. We are now starting over and I have been on the phone for an hour and a half now! I tell him that I do not want to do all of this over, can he please get me a supervisor. He puts me on hold. I finally get the supervisor. She says hello, gives me her name and puts me on hold! I wait for twenty-five minutes! Now I tell her what has happened and she puts me on hold. By now, I am ready to walk to company headquarters. Finally, this supervisor tells me to send them my phone and they will replace it. I tell her that she needs to send me the new phone, then I will send the one I have. No, they can't do that. What?! I have to be without a phone and loose time that I have paid for to send my phone back to you? Yes, mam. Oh my God! So, as soon as my time is finished with Straight Talk, I will be looking for a new carrier. I am not at all pleased with this!

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